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Second Reading

About Friday 23 June 1665

John G  •  Link

In the first line, 'His Royal Highness' cannot be the King, as the link says, as the king is 'His Majesty' and SP always refers to him as such.
Is it in fact the Prince, although PS always refers to him as 'The Prince'?
Any comments on this?

About Friday 9 October 1663

John G  •  Link

Am I the only one who thinks Gertz is a bit of a pain in the arse? Now we have others copying him. Oh no.

About Friday 10 July 1663

John G  •  Link

Apparently all punctuation in this version of the diary was added by the translator so should be ignored.

About Wednesday 22 January 1661/62

John G  •  Link

Madam Palmer and Samuel's wife are very much alike in facial features, aren't they. No wonder Samuel is enamoured.