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About Monday 15 August 1664

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Another colorful euphemism used in the U.S. to describe what I gather the British call "being up the spout" is "looking for pups." Occasionally, jests referencing the ingestion of watermelon seeds are to be heard.

About Tuesday 12 July 1664

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Poor Sam, not knowing how to dine alone. Pity he didn't have access to Bruce Jay Friedman's "Lonely Guy's Guide to Life."

About Saturday 19 March 1663/64

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RE the chicken egg dish, Paul Simon has said that his song Mother Child Reunion was inspired by a dish on the menu at a Chinese restaurant.

About Tuesday 23 February 1663/64

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"In researching this phrase the trail led to finding it had been given a (faux) book, chapter and verse as though it were Biblical: Hezekiah 6:1.

This is what some would call a “phantom scripture”. It is circulated as if it were Biblical and application should be hastened to allow it to become part of our belief system.

This phrase or precept is not found in the scriptures. Hezekiah is in the Bible. He was the King of Judah for twenty-nine years, but this phrase, is unbiblical.

Some attribute this quote to Ben Franklin printed in Poor Richard’s Almanac in 1757. Others suggest it originated from Algernon Sydney in 1698 in an article titled, Discourses Concerning Government. Going back further yet, it is eerily similar to Aesop’s Fable called, Hercules and the Wagoneer, that states, “The gods help them that help themselves.” Regardless of its origination, it is in opposition to the Word of God except for a sprinkle of truism. That being, this is not to advocate that we have a pass for inactivity. We are accountable for being obedient to God."

--From "The Hallowed Path" blog

About Wednesday 17 February 1663/64

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Speaking of wittiness and dog's names, the dean of the law school I attended long ago had a dog named "Trover." "Trover" is a common-law action to recover the value of personal property that has been wrongfully taken by another.

About Wednesday 2 December 1663

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In Elizabeth Jenkins's quite excellent biography "Elizabeth the Great," is the following account of a dental problem experienced by the good queen:

" The toothache the queen had had since October, came in December to a raging climax that kept her without sleep for forty-eight hours. Elizabeth was forty-five, but she had never had a tooth pulled out, and combined with unwillingness to lose one was a shrinking from the operation itself. A meeting of the Privy Council was convened to deal with this emergency, at which the ministers listened to the opinion of a tooth-drawer called Fenatus. He told them it was possible to dress the tooth with a preparation of fenugreek that would make it fall out of itself, but in that case, great care had to be taken to protect the teeth on either side. What he recommended was immediate extraction by the ordinary method. The Council, having heard him, decided upon extraction to a man, and a body of them, taking a surgeon with them, waited on the exhausted queen. They had the advantage that among their number was Elizabeth's lifelong admirer John Aylmer, now Bishop of London. . . . The Council's view was repeated to the queen, and before she could open her lips to protest, Dr. Aylmer said to her that he had not many teeth left in his head, but such as he had were entirely at her service. The surgeon should now pull one of them out, and she would see that it was no such great matter. The surgeon then drew one of the bishop's teeth, and the queen consented to have her own taken out."

Good help like that is hard to find these days.

About Sunday 15 November 1663

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Re San Diego Sarah's comment about doom predictions--see Stephen Hawking's prediction published on line today that the human race will experience a major die-off in the next thousand years. Given the outcome of the recent U.S. election, I think it could come much sooner. We'll have to wait and see.