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Third Reading

About Tuesday 22 May 1660

Jean Wynn  •  Link

Thank you, SDS, for those additions regarding this splendid day. Splendid, that is, if you were a royalist!

Second Reading

About Saturday 29 May 1669

Jean Wynn  •  Link

From Portland OR: the blog has been great, and I look forward to starting the next year with it. Awhile back I stumbled on a single-volume version of SP and during this last winter found it impossible to put down. So *great* to have all the resources here. Mostly Scots-Irish-American, I skim The Guardian too! Thanks much, Phil!

About Tuesday 6 April 1669

Jean Wynn  •  Link

What is a tar? I’m familiar with the use of tar on ships, and know about the NC Tar Heels, but . . .