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About Thursday 17 May 1660

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Could "my boy" here refer to Edward Montagu? (I know that it's unusual to call him "my boy"). In tomorrow's entry we see a child left to Mr. Pierce and that child is not the footboy.

About Monday 8 February 1668/69

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In the middle of the entry he says "there to dinner, and my wife in a wonderful ill humour; and, after dinner" etc., then at the closure comes "by my eating no dinner to-day". I wonder if he just sat there and watched Bess have her dinner or is there a small case of amnesia?

About Thursday 19 November 1668

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"Bess must know that Sam writes in his diary most days, and after more than 3,000 diary entries, there has to have been at least a few occasions when she saw him writing and leaned over his shoulder to ask what he's doing and why the letters look so odd. As the Diary Encyclopedia's entry on shorthand reflects, Sam was using a fairly common shorthand to write the diary and Bess could easily have purchased one of Thomas Shelton's guides to tachygraphy or perhaps Sam even kept a copy of a shorthand guide in the bookcase and she took a look at it."

Knowing that Bess has to account for each and every penny of household expenses and Sam keeps the Diary at his office, this theory seems improbable to me.

About Monday 19 October 1668

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Stephane, this was hilarious! While Pepys 1 seems the most probable one, I laughed myself sick on reading the others. You definitely have the same talent as RG.

About Sunday 3 May 1668

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Isn't a brew house a strange place to visit someone sick in bed? Unless the upper floor serves as some kind of lodging maybe?

About Thursday 16 April 1668

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I suppose 6d. is a fairly low price for books. Project Gutenberg says cooks and it seems a better guess. Can someone with LM edition clarify this?

About Tuesday 18 February 1667/68

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Sam, when you don't look around, people can still see you. This looks like a toddler's covering his face with his hands and supposing he's invisible.

About Monday 2 September 1667

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Terry, I know this is 4 years late and maybe somehow irrelevant, but I can parse your passage as follows:

"when, besides this business of his (Bruncker) ill words concerning his Majesty (Charles Stuart) in the business of the Chancellor (Edward Hyde), he (Duke of York) hath had, a long time, a mind to put him (Bruncker) away for his (Bruncker) ill offices, done between him (Bruncker) and his wife (Duchess of York)"

About Sunday 1 September 1667

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Three days in a row and no mention of supper. I wonder if he's on a diet or the supper has fallen out of consideration.

About Tuesday 9 August 1664

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Sarah, being a Turk I can say that Ottoman Empire hasn't imposed its language, religion or way of living over the people of the lands they have conquered. Today you wouldn't meet many people speaking Turkish in Balkans or Middle East and they are mainly of Turkish descent. And come on, Turkish is a fascinating language once you get the hang of it :)