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Bill  •  Link

Christ's Hospital, Newgate Street, a school on the site of the Greyfriars Monastery, founded by Edward VI., June 26, 1553, ten days before his death, as a hospital for poor fatherless children and others.
April 21, 1657. — I saw Christ Church and Hospital, a very goodly Gothic building; the hall, school, and lodgings in great order for bringing up many hundreds of poor children of both sexes; it is an exemplary charity. There is a large picture at one end of the hall representing the Governors, Founders, and the Institution.—Evelyn
---London, Past and Present. H.B. Wheatley, 1891.

Alev Öncül  •  Link

Hi Phil, the link for the Hospital should point to the institution, not Jesus himself.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Odd, I copied the link and it brought up Christ Church Hospital, but when I click on Phil's link, it goes to Wikipedia's page about Jesus. Let's see if it works now:'s_Hospital#History

No -- same problem Phil had so many years ago. I recommend you copy and paste and it works fine. And it's an important link because:

"Royal Navy/Royal Mathematical School
Samuel Pepys was a governor and Vice President of the school; he instigated the opening of the Royal Mathematical School at Christ’s Hospital in 1673 which was founded to educate children in mathematics for the practice of navigation. As a result, special consideration for a maximum of forty places is given to children of personnel who are serving, or have served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or Royal Navy Reserve."

Pepys remembered his efforts to learn what we know as calculus back in 1662 so he could estimate how many barrels would fit into a hull, and how many planks it would take to build a ship.
It's good to know he became more generous than the Diary years may lead you to expect. I expect he made a lot of money from his work on behalf of the King during the third Anglo-Dutch War, which would coincide with this endowment.

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