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Third Reading

About Tuesday 4 December 1660

Michael Sheahan  •  Link

Many thanks for the Latin translations and the informaton about Kinkos. I did Latin for five years at school but most of it is long forgotten. (As you say. you talked about this to Vincent, yesterday!).
I got into the Diary toward the end of the last run-through and it a treat to start from the beginning, with the added attraction of seeing the layers of comment gradually developing ike the age rings of a tree.

About Wednesday 2 May 1660

Michael Sheahan  •  Link

It's fascinating to to read and reflect on these May extracts, referring to the restoration of Charles I, just as Charles III is about to be crowned in London.

About Monday 2 January 1659/60

Michael Sheahan  •  Link

I first started following the diary towards the end of the second reading and am delighted that it has started again, Many thanks to those behind this.

Second Reading

About Thursday 31 December 1668

Michael Sheahan  •  Link

Greeting from an unseasonably mild and sunny Poitiers in SW France.

A lurker up till now, reading the Pepys e-mail and this site has been my wake -up activity for nearly a year now. I love the quirkiness of "a conversation" between people from ten years ago and those in the present day - and all based on the diary of a man writing over 300 years ago.

A happy new year to one and all.