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About Wednesday 16 September 1663

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I think Samuel is simply setting the stage for a possible appeal if needed. Should Piggott not pay as promised, Sam could return to ask Sir Robert to add Piggott's wife's land onto the lands that might be used to satisfy the debt.

About Wednesday 22 February 1659/60

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What is powdered beef? I wonder if it is akin to creamed chipped beef on toast (A dish known to countless American GI's as "S--- on a Shingle"?

About Friday 17 February 1659/60

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Regarding the spelling: My original Puritan ancestor spelled the family name ;Smalley'; by 1700 it was 'Small'; The Hill(s) may have likewise dropped the supurflous suffix.

Personal to Phil: Thank you for resurrecting the site, and returning the ability to post replies. Reading the nightly updates have become a part of my daily routine, and I hadn't realised until it ended how much I looked forward to it each evening. My daily routine is now, once again complete.