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Third Reading

About Wednesday 11 January 1659/60

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Will's. These early references to Will's are to Will's Ale House which was in Old Palace Yard. Pepys was a frequent flyer there but his references to it stopped in early 1661 perhaps because of his move from Axe Yard to Seething Lane.
Later on he discovered Will's Coffee House in Covent garden and became a regular there from 1664 onwards.

Second Reading

About Tuesday 20 April 1669

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"give us a sight of her performance"
"she carried the same bullet as strong to the mark"

I have never heard of a gun to be referred to as female, if it was to be assigned a sex I would have thought male might be more appropriate but come to think of it I have never heard that either.

About Wednesday 15 May 1667

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Interesting that Elizabeth draws attention to Mrs Smith's hands, it is not the first time he comments on peoples' hands - 22 Apr 1663 ..."the very sight of my aunt's hands and greasy manner of carving, did almost turn my stomach..." and there are several other instances.
In a few month's time he sought Mrs Smith out at the exchange and kissed her pretty hand. (21st Sep 67)
Was this fetish his alone or was it a societal thing?

About Saturday 11 May 1667

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I think he was just threatening her. On the rare occasions he has hit her and certain servants in the past he has told us about it.

About Tuesday 30 April 1667

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I had always assumed that Sam's stone case was made of wood and glass as are specimens in anatomical museums, is there an entry somewhere in which he says it was leather?

About Saturday 30 December 1665

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I thought the pound sign came from Latin Libra Pondo, a basic Roman measure of weight = approx 350 gms. of silver.

About Sunday 22 October 1665

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Another Pepys use of clap. 7 Oct 1660. "that he that do get a wench with child and marry her afterwards is as if a man should shit in his hat and then clap it on his head."

About Wednesday 11 October 1665

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An interesting entry. Sam rarely mentions breakfast, when he does it is usually when he is traveling, otherwise he usually starts his day with a morning draft. This deal with Mrs. Clerke would seem to indicate that bread and butter every morning is the norm. Maybe it is so mundane that he just doesn't think to mention it.