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About Tuesday 8 March 1663/64

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"I do not find myself in the least apprehensive that I have done any violence to my oaths"
Sam, just continue saying that to yourself and you'll be OK.

About Tuesday 7 April 1663

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Clove oil is still used as a relief from toothache. Yes, the "good old days" of medicine and dentristry were NOT.

About Friday 20 February 1662/63

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American presidents have had their presidential yachts and I'm sure that gold sails mentioned by StanB would interest our current White House resident.

About Friday 16 January 1662/63

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Terry F: "Coffee-houses | The internet in a cup"
Now one goes to Starbucks or similar and with a cuppa joe signs on to the internet.

About Monday 17 November 1662

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"and then, there being no coach to be got, by water to White Hall;" In those pre-telephone/pre-Über days, did they send the boy out to hunt up a coach? Perhaps a nearby location where the coaches awaited fares?

About Saturday 1 November 1662

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I recall when traveling through England (esp, SW) that many old country roads were not only narrow but considerably lower than the terrain.

About Wednesday 20 August 1662

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"Staying from my business" makes sense to me.
Citing Walt Kelly's Pogo in this discussion--unexpected and delightful.