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About Saturday 12 May 1666

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I also would have liked to have read later entries.
The plague seems to be up and down, similar to what we are experiencing this year of the pandemic.

About Saturday 21 October 1665

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Fortunately, there is no campaign to kill dogs (or cats) during the current COVID19 pandemic. Actually sales and adoptions of dogs have soared as we cope with lockdowns and being cooped up in our homes.

About Saturday 19 August 1665

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"Is'nt he just one of those characters we would all love to meet?"
Yes, but I wouldn't want to try to keep up with him!

About Sunday 7 May 1665

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"only librarians obsess over copyright in these days . . ."
Those of us who have written biographies, histories, etc. need be aware of copyright laws and "fair use" when dealing with sources including photographs.

About Wednesday 14 September 1664

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Celebrating the diary midpoint at home during the COVID19 lockdown. Perhaps this difficult time will be behind us by the time we reach the London plague entries.

About Tuesday 8 March 1663/64

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"I do not find myself in the least apprehensive that I have done any violence to my oaths"
Sam, just continue saying that to yourself and you'll be OK.

About Tuesday 7 April 1663

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Clove oil is still used as a relief from toothache. Yes, the "good old days" of medicine and dentristry were NOT.

About Friday 20 February 1662/63

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American presidents have had their presidential yachts and I'm sure that gold sails mentioned by StanB would interest our current White House resident.

About Friday 16 January 1662/63

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Terry F: "Coffee-houses | The internet in a cup"
Now one goes to Starbucks or similar and with a cuppa joe signs on to the internet.

About Monday 17 November 1662

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"and then, there being no coach to be got, by water to White Hall;" In those pre-telephone/pre-Über days, did they send the boy out to hunt up a coach? Perhaps a nearby location where the coaches awaited fares?

About Saturday 1 November 1662

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I recall when traveling through England (esp, SW) that many old country roads were not only narrow but considerably lower than the terrain.

About Wednesday 20 August 1662

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"Staying from my business" makes sense to me.
Citing Walt Kelly's Pogo in this discussion--unexpected and delightful.