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A. Hamilton   Link to this

The U.S. Naval Academy Museum site has a slide show of the Rogers ship model collection including two slides of a model that is said to be of the royal yacht Henrietta of 1679 -presumably a forerunner to the ship visited by Sam. It is a pretty ship.


A. Hamilton   Link to this

presumably a forerunner

No, I meant that the ship visited by Sam was presumably an earlier version of the yacht displayed at the Naval
Academy site. The photographs of the model are still worth seeing because they give a vivid impression of the high quality of the ship models produced by the English shipwrights in Sam's day.

Bill   Link to this

On May 23, 1660 SP says the Henrietta was formerly named the Lambert.

Janet Seaton   Link to this

The Henrietta was formerly named the Langport, after the civil war battle there (my home town) in 1645

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