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Historical Collections, 8 volumes (1659-70), by John Rushworth (c. 1612 - 1690) compiled from shorthand notes taken down at actual meetings of the Star Chamber, Exchequer Chamber and Parliament, covering the period down to 1648. Rushworth had been appointed assistant clerk to the Long Parliament in 1640, and was there when King Charles came to arrest the five members; he made notes of the king's speech, which Charles ordered to be published. Rushworth similarly recorded the trial of Strafford.
Rushworth was often employed as messenger between king and parliament and was appointed secretary to Sir Thomas Fairfax (1645-48). He wrote an eye-witness account of the Battle of Naseby, and was later secretary to Cromwell for a short time. He sat several times as parliamentary representative for Berwick and was also a freeman of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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Rushworth's Collections

Historical collections of private passages of state. Weighty matters in law. Remarkable proceedings in five Parliaments. Beginning the sixteenth year of King James, anno 1618. And ending the fifth year of King Charls, anno 1629. Digested in order of time, and now published by John Rushworth of Lincolns-Inn, Esq
London: printed by Tho. Newcomb for George Thomason, at the sign of the Rose and Crown in St Paul's Church-yard, 1659

There appear to be three editons in this year with variant collations and paginations. This was the only volume that appeared in the Diary period.

The second (1628/9- 1640 plus Star Chamber proceedings), third (1640 - 44) and fourth parts (1645-1648) appeared in 1680, 1692 and 1701.

Bob Blair  •  Link

I'm intrugued by Terry F's annotation. He gives a URL which does not resolve for me but which suggests that some or all of Rushworth may be available online. If there is a mahine-readable form of Rushworth's volumes, I would be glad to know of it.

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