The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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The Minerys (or Minories) ...

From Stow's Survey of London (Portsoken Ward):

"From the west part of this Tower hill, towards Aldgate, being a long continual street, amongst other smaller buildings in that row, there was sometime an abbey of nuns of the order of St. Clare, called the Minories, founded by Edmond, Earl of Lancaster, Leycester, and Darbie, brother to King Edward I, in the year 1293; the length of which abbey contained fifteen perches and seven feet, near unto the king's street or highway, etc., as appeareth by a deed, dated 1303.

"A plague of pestilence being in this city, in the year 1515, there died in this house of nuns professed to the number of twenty-seven, besides other lay people, servants in their house. This house ... was surrendered by Dame Elizabeth Salvage, the last abbess there, unto King Henry VIII in the 30th of his reign, the year of Christ 1539.

"In place of this house of nuns is now built divers fair and large storehouses for armour and habiliments of war, with divers workhouses, serving to the same purpose: there is a small parish church for inhabitants of the close, called St. Trinities."

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