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A younger brother of the Jesuit Peter Talbot, who became Archbishop of Dublin. Colonel Richard Talbot, was also remarkable for his devotedness to the cause of the exiled monarch and stood high in royal favour. Under James II he became Duke of Tyronnell and Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland.


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from L&M Companion
cr. Earl of Tyrconnel 1685 (1630-91). Groom of the Bedchamber to the Duke of York from 1660; gentleman-volunteer at the Battle of Lowestoft 1665. Leader of the Catholic interest n Ireland; and from 1685 commander of the army and James II's chief agent there.

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From Warrington: "Richard Talbot, who figures conspicuously in Grammont's 'Memoires'. He married, first, Catherine Boynton, and secondly, Frances Jennings, elder sister of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. Talbot was created Earl of Tyrconnel by James II, and made Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and elevated by him to the dukedom Tyrconnel after his abdication.

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  • 1662