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Who was Cornelis J. Drebbel?

Cornelius Drebbel - inventor of the submarine

XII, 1655 Reference to Kuffler in Robert Boyle's work diaries

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"In a very curious little book"

Drebbel's image # 5: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/elthampalace...

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Don't forget to take a look at http://www.drebbel.net, a site containing a lot of interesting information about Cornelis Drebbel and an internet meeting point for people with an interest in his life and works.

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There are a lot of very detailed descriptions of the "Drebbel submarine" in the sites above and others, there even is a book about the subject from an american computer expert....and there have been replica projects, but one fails to find any sources for the submarine story other than very vague ones. The more detailed ones seem to contain a lot of wishful thinking: what if.
It is true that Drebbel in his experiments could produce oxygen, but one fails to see how this could be used in any practical way in a 17th century underwater rowing boat type vessel.
Diving bells of some sort had been used around that time. A semi submerged rowing boat seems to be much more useful in a military sense.

An interesting development is the theory that this painting by Van Dyck could be a Drebbel portrait: the two were at the same place at the same time, the beard is right and the is a lot of Scarlet dye in the picture.

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