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resources for all :
have ye own copy [mulcho drackma] or google [3800 choices]
Thesaurus Graecae
e.g. http://www.tlg.uci.edu/help/SGreekTest.html

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"...Thus, the first Latin dictionaries did not have English definitions as a Latin dictionary today might have, but rather Latin definitions. Known as Thesaurae, these Latin-Latin dictionaries were much like current day English dictionaries which have English definitions; they were intended for those already fluent and skilled in Latin to better understand Latin words with which they might not be familiar. The greatest of these was the Dictionarium seu linguae latinae thesaurus, printed first in 1531 by Robert Estienne. Not surprisingly then, the first Greek dictionaries were Greek words with Latin definitions meant once again to help scholars already fluent in Latin understand Greek also. The greatest of these was the Thesaurus graecae linguae, a 5 volume work first printed in 1572 by Henri Estienne, the son of Robert...."
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see Language Hats instructive links at:http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1661/12/27/#c25782

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