The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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The Hoop (or Golden Hoop) is marked on this map:

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As you see from the above map, the Hoop or Golden Hoop stood on the north side of Thames Street near Pudding Lane. After the Great Fire of 1666 they built a second entrance on New Fish Street.

The owners were Richard and Judith Spire who had three children baptised in nearby St Magnus church in 1653, 1656 and 1662. Like most of the riverside inns it specialised in fish dishes; indeed, apparently it was difficult to get anything else.

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The Hoop was in Thames Street, near London Bridge. It is registered in the list of taverns in London and Westminster in 1698 (Harl. MS. 4716).
---Wheatley, 1896.

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