Glyn Thomas has discovered a series of monthly talks about Pepys, given at St Olave, Hart St, London. Here’s a PDF flyer with the full information and here are the dates and topics for the rest of the year:

  • 3 March, Pepys and John Milton
  • 7 April, Pepys and John Evelyn
  • 12 May, Pepys and Andrew Marvell
  • 9 June, Pepys and John Bunyan
  • 7 July, Pepys and 1667
  • 8 September, Pepys and John Dryden
  • 6 October, Pepys and The Royal Society
  • 3 November, Pepys and Aphra Behn
  • 1 December, Pepys and Daniel Defoe

Tickets are £10 each and the February event apparently started at 6.15 (food served, with the talk half an hour later). To book, or for more information, call Phil Manning on 020 7488 4318.


First Reading

Paul Chapin  •  Link

If any of our number attend any of these talks, it would be great to get a brief report. I doubt they'll be streamed on the Web, more's the pity.

Tessa Pye  •  Link

New set of dates and talks at St Olave's for 2010 to mark the 350th anniversary.

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