It’s been a while and we’re probably due for a reminder about the content of annotations. There is a set of guidelines which you should be aware of before posting annotations, although I hope no one finds them so daunting as to be off-putting!

Over the past week I’ve deleted several comments that have been blatantly off-topic, usually referring solely to present-day events. I don’t like to do this but, as most people here know, references to current affairs are only useful if they help our understanding of Pepys’ era. So please hold back from making political points.

And don’t forget that the discussion list is the place for any Pepys-related thoughts that aren’t directly relevant to a diary entry or Background Info page.

If you notice an annotation which you feel is out of place, please email me the URL of the page (or the direct link to the annotation, using its ‘Link’ text) — I do, eventually, look at every annotation but having errant posts pointed out for me makes for a much swifter response.

As usual, these warnings only apply to a few people, and most of you have nothing to worry about — you’re all doing a grand job, and continuing to help everyone (now and in the future) understand Sam’s life and time. So thank you.


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