A couple of people have pointed out that the (fictional) diary of Pepys’ wife, Elizabeth Pepys, is being serialised on BBC Radio 7. I’m not sure that you can listen to previous episodes, but if you check the schedule you can hopefully work out when others are broadcast. You can listen live on the site.

Also pointed out on the discussion list, and again courtesy of the BBC, there’s a new drama called Charles II starting this month. For those without BBC1, you can at least see some clips on the website.

Finally, Radio Wales interviewed me last week about this site for their Mousemat show. You can hear it on the show’s site for a few more days. (I haven’t heard it myself yet…).

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Vera  •  Link

Don't know if it's been mentioned before but Mr. Pepys diary is also goiing to be shown on BBC4 next week


hope the url works!

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