I had a few emails recently about annotations posted where the users’ names linked to porn sites. These are “comment spam” and are an increasing problem on weblogs. I generally delete them when I check through all the annotations every few days, but this time they were apparently more noticeable!

There are several methods of combatting these, and Six Apart (the company that produces Movable Type, the software Pepys’ Diary uses) is also thinking about it. When I get time I’ll look into implementing something, especially if it becomes more of a problem.

In the meantime… I will spot the spam eventually, so don’t worry about letting me know unless it’s particularly offensive or obstructive (most of it is pretty brief and anodyne, aside from the link to a porn site).


First Reading

Rita  •  Link

What I have been serching for is the Pepy diaries from 1666. Can anyone help?

vincent  •  Link

check the blue underline for the actual address to get an Idea of who is who? or what? by passing the mouse over the name there is a reading on the base line. This might help one by NOT chasing after the spammer [ down blind alley ways to get mugged].

Eric Walla  •  Link

I thought this was going to remark on the spam we're receiving due to our addresses being collected off the Pepys site! Being a Yank, this is probably a good deal more obvious to me--suddenly British spammers have taken a fancy to attracting my business. Sorry, but I do believe American Viagra works just as well as British variants, thank you very much ...

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