I’m sorry the 16 June 1660 entry was late in appearing… my computer developed problems just as I was about to enter another batch of diary entries. All OK now though.

Also, yesterday I made a slight tweak (which I should have done sooner) that means if you check ‘Yes’ for ‘Remember Personal Info’ on an annotation form, your details should appear in every form automatically. Previously they were only remembered for that diary entry.


First Reading

tobi  •  Link

just wanted to let you know that your current rss feed contains an entry with a dc:date of 2346-06-16T23:00:00+00:00 which imho is not correct (found via my personal rss aggregator which got confused trying to put the items into a chronological order...)

Phil  •  Link

Whoops, my mistake. Thanks for pointing it out - I've corrected it.

language hat  •  Link

It works!
Thanks, Phil, that makes life much easier.

Alain  •  Link

I had the same problem with my blog. Thanks Phil.

Skip Oberon  •  Link

I'd rather your site be tardy and hardy than on time and all falling apart and such. I like the annotations section of your page, that's a majorly bona fide great idea to have that on there. Now Phil, there's something you should know, and I hope you don't mind my being Frank. Actually I am Skip. Ta!

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