Yesterday I altered the way the fonts on the site are defined, and wondered if anyone would notice. Todd did, so I thought I’d mention it here in case anyone else wonders why something’s different. Most people shouldn’t notice much difference, a few should notice some improvement, especially on small text and with browsers set to display text smaller than usual. I’ve tested it on most browsers on Windows and Mac OS X, but let me know if you have any problems.


First Reading

Eric Walla  •  Link


Makes a world of difference for my eyes! Thanks for pursuing this one.

Susanna  •  Link

Looks the same on Internet Explorer under Mac OS 9.2. Weird results on AOL for Mac OS 9, however: it is now readable and usable (which it was not previously), but there is an ENORMOUS blank space before you reach any text at all.

Matt McIrvin  •  Link

The changes yesterday didn't affect the appearance of the pages to me.

The thing I always notice is that, for the settings I've currently got in my browser (Camino [formerly Chimera] on Mac OS X, which uses the Mozilla engine), the bylines in the comment section come out really tiny, enough so that they're below the threshold for antialiasing.

But it's not a big deal, since Camino, like most modern browsers, makes it easy for the user to resize the text and change size defaults almost arbitrarily. Internet Explorer on Windows puts more limits on this, so probably needs more accommodation.

Phil  •  Link

Thanks for the feedback folks.

Matt: I mostly use Camino myself, but those bylines anti-alias for me. Everyone has different settings for things I guess.

Susanna: I've no idea why there's a blank space, and I haven't tried (or got) the AOL browser. If I can get it I'll have a try. I'm pleased it's an improvement though!

John Richards  •  Link

Considerable improvement, now spending even more time browsing - splendid idea!

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