You may have noticed the annotation format has changed, with the person’s name and the time now at the top. I hope this makes things easier for you.

Also, I’ve written something that marks which annotations are new since your last visit. It’s not foolproof, and because it relies on cookies(?) it’ll get confused if you use more than one computer or web browser to view the site. But I hope it’ll help make clear what you’ve yet to read. The Recent Annotations page is marked similarly.

It could be that right now everything is marked as new; this is what happens on your first visit. If you visit again in a couple of hours it should mark any new annotations correctly. The device “resets” itself after 90 minutes. So if you’re reading the site continually for 90 minutes then suddenly everything that was marked “new” will become old, and it’ll start watching for new annotations again. That may or may not make sense; I know it confuses me. Let me know if it seems things are going very wrong for you…

By the way, once I’m sure it’s working, I’ll make the code available so any other webloggers can use it.


First Reading

Hhomeboy  •  Link

Thank-you Phil...

On my Mac, I immediately saw which annotations were unread or "new" in 'today's' and previous days' entries--very useful addition for those of us who like to go back and check for new annotations added in the days or weeks after a diary entry was first posted!

Obviously your tweaking and code were done comme il faut and are welcome and thoughtful improvements!

'Still waiting for those galloping 'cavaliers' LOLOL

Eric Walla  •  Link

Now, Hhomeboy, that was a rather ...

... cavalier statement if I must say so myself. ;-)

And what does LOLOL mean? Laugh out loud on the lawn? Are you using a laptop?

I would say how good these changes are, Phil, but I've exhausted my paragraph quota. (Hi Ho Silver, and away!)

David Quidnunc  •  Link

Thanks again Phil, for all the effort.

Alan Bedford  •  Link

Thanks, Phil, for the changes. You're obviously continuing to put a lot of effort into this project, and we appreciate it!

Glyn  •  Link

One of the most interesting sites is "Background Information: General Reference" but I think that this tends to be overlooked.

At present it is in the middle of the list but out of alphabetical order (it should be before "Government" not after it). But personally I would forget about alphabetical order and make it the first name on the list as it is so useful.

Perhaps there could be a miscellaneous list of useful links subsumed within it (all the ones that don't easily fit elsewhere).

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