All my fault; the perils of inputting new diary entries in the small hours! Sometimes this is going to happen and I’m not always online to notice. Thanks for all the concerned emails. You can be sure that if anything was to intentionally, as opposed to accidentally, change regarding this site it would be announced here.

And many, many thanks to all those who have sent money to Movable Type or Project Gutenberg, or bought me gifts! It’s all most surprising and brings a smile to my grumpy face!


First Reading

Keith Wright  •  Link

Thought maybe you'd joined the protests in London (brrr). You're going to need a holiday sometime! Cheers---- WKW

Paul Chapin  •  Link

We missed you ... a day without Pepys is like a day without baby birds singing.

qB  •  Link

Phil - as a certified addict, I'm just wondering what's going to happen when you go on holiday. And don't say you'll take a laptop!

But while holidays are excellent and necessary things, and should be taken as frequently and for as long a duration as possible, what happens if you get flu? break an arm? even a finger? decide to run away and join the circus?

Seriously, I do hope you have help with this task which seems to be growing exponentially. And, er... look after yourself!

Phil  •  Link

As long as I've entered the entries in advance they appear on the site automatically, thanks to a script a friend wrote for me.

If other stuff needs to be done, or I decide to join the circus, I'm sure someone else (or more than one) would be able to take on the task.

Tigger  •  Link

Wow, what a fun place.

I hope you talk to PayPal,
or Amazon (??) about setting
up a way to receive electronic

Take care.

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