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Per L&M Companion:

kt. 1660 (1625 - 1704). Physician in ordinary to Charles II and James II; Gentleman of the Privy Chamber from 1679; at this period living in Covent Garden. He was an ally of the Presbyterians, and acted as an intermediary in most of the negotiations between them and the court 1660-88. In the spring elections of 1679 Pepys resigned his interest at Castle Rising to him and Sir Robert Howard (his 'honoured friends') though both had recently revived the charge against him of being a papist. (Howard was elected)

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"He started to practise in London, his residence being in King Street, Covent Garden. Through the recommendation of a near neighbour, Thomas Manton, rector of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, who, with other presbyterian divines, had taken a prominent part in the restoration of Charles II, he was made physician to the king, the honour of knighthood also being conferred on him 19 March 1660.

"Baber was frequently made use of by King Charles in his negotiations with the puritans. Roger North, who styled him as 'a man of finesse', stated that he was 'in possession of the protectorship at court of dissenting preachers.' In September 1669 Baber informed Manton of the king's intention to do his utmost to 'get them accepted within the establishment;' but it would appear that Charles made use of him to inspire trust in intentions which were at the best feeble and vacillating. Samuel Pepys said of Baber that he was so cautious that he would not speak in company until he was acquainted with every stranger present."

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