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1660 "Mrs. Symons, a very fine woman, very merry after dinner ..." and she is at several parties held by Pepys' crowd of friends from the Excise, and always seems to be full of fun.
1661 "After dinner by agreement to visit Mrs. Symonds, but she is abroad, which I wonder at, ..."
It appears Mrs. Symons doesn't feel that friendly towards you, Mr. Pepys. I wonder why????
1662 a note that Mr. Chetwynd had given her some money, but Pepys only mentions seeing husband Will.
1663 "W. Symon’s wife is dead, for which I am sorry, she being a good woman, and tells me an odde story of her saying before her death, being in good sense, that there stood her uncle Scobell." (I guess she was halucinating)
1664: "... and from thence by appointment took Luellin, Mount, and W. Symons, and Mr. Pierce, the chirurgeon, home to dinner with me and were merry. But, Lord! to hear how W. Symons do commend and look sadly and then talk bawdily and merrily, though his wife was dead but the other day, would make a dogg laugh."

Pepys doesn't mention going to her funeral.
I'm glad he had Will Symons to lunch with friends at that difficult time, despite not understanding how grief takes you.
Your turn will come, Pepys, and then you won't be so judgmental.

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