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vincent  •  Link

Location: Brewers Yard off Hungerford market (and stairs), and Craven street. just a short distance to Scotland Yard back entrance.

Second Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Craven Street roughly follows the line of Spur Alley, which, until its redevelopment circa 1730 was simply an offshoot of Brewer's Lane with an outlet to the Strand. The name, Spur Alley, was descriptive of its shape, as is clearly shown on Morden and Lea's map of 1682, part of which is reproduced above. Hungerford Lane, until recently known as Brewer's Lane, on the west side of Charing Cross Station, which is approached by an archway under No. 15, Strand, formerly extended to the river. It took its name from an ancient brewery or "Beirhouse," which at the close of the fifteenth century was held, together with several cottages, by John Evingar under lease (fn. 101) from the Prior of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Evingar, though he described himself as a "Citizen and Brewer of London, " must have been an emigrant from the Low Countries. In his will, dated 1496, he bequeathed his Westminster property and his "Landes and tenementes … wt in the towne of Andewarpe in Braban' "to his wife, Jacomyn, and his son, Andrewe. The "Beirhouse" and eight cottages were in the tenure of Elena "Evynger" and Robert Lord in 1540, when the freehold together with that of three cottages in the tenure of Anthony Lowe, which had also belonged to the Prior of St. John of Jerusalem, had passed into the hands of the Crown. http://www.british-history.ac.uk/…

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