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Michael Robinson  •  Link

Per L&M Companion:

(d. 1684) An Edinburgh graduate 'brought into the Navy,' Pepys later wrote, 'for want of other ways of gratification,' but in fact a man of some achievement. He was successively Deputy-Treasurer of the fleet 1665, Judge Advocate-General 1672-80, and Secretary to the Admiralty 1680-4. He went to Paris as secretary to the embassy in 1675 and 1679 (in the latter year helping Pepys to gather evidence against Col. Scott.) He was about to go to Lisbon as envoy-extraordinary when he died. He is said to have suggested to Burnet the writing of his history. The diary points to some connection with Cartaret.

[In 1676 he married Margaret, Baroness Napier (d. 1706)]

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

John Brisbane/Brisband was Carteret's assistant treasurer to the navy. I wonder why Coventry didn't ask him to keep an eye on the bookkeeping instead of Pepys.

I found out more about him from an entry about his wife's family:

The title devolved on Sir Thomas Nicolson of Carnock, 4th Lord Napier’s aunt, Margaret, baroness Napier, second daughter of the 2nd Lord Napier, and widow of John Brisbane, Esq., secretary of the royal navy in England, who died in 1684, while preparing to set out for Portugal, to which country he had been appointed envoy extraordinary.

Lady Napier was awarded a pension of £200 sterling from Charles II, 4 August 1683, on account of the public services of her husband. She died in September 1706. She had two sons and a daughter, who all predeceased their mother.

Lots more information about the Napier family, who were cousins of, and ran with, the Earl of Montrose during the Civil Wars, at http://www.electricscotland.com/h…

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