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Sir William Killigrew MP (1606–1695) was the former governor of Pendennis Castle in Cornwall, and made and lost a lot of money draining the fens. He was knighted 12 May, 1626. He must have known James, Duke of York because he was in Oxford when it fell. At the Restoration he was made Vice-Chamberlain to Catherine of Braganza, an influential post.

From 1664 to 1679 he was Member of Parliament for Richmond, Yorkshire.

Killigrew was the author of four plays of some merit (so Pepys may have known him):
Ormasdes, or Love and Friendship (1664)
Pandora, or the Converts (1664)
Selindra (1664)
The Siege of Urbin (1666).

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.