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Sir John Buckworth (?1622-1687), kt 1681. A neighbour of Pepys, in a large house (taxed on 12 hearths) on the n. side of Crutched Friars. He was a prosperous Turkey merchant, and served as Alderman 1683-6?. Pepys had dealings with him in the '70s about Mediterranean convots. In 1662 he married as his second wife Hester Goodyear (d. 1702). The daughters mentioned 25 April 1669 were Margaret (b. 1656), Elizabeth (b. 1657) and Mary (b. 1665). The son, John (b. 1662), was created a baronet in 1697. (L&M Companion)

Portrait of Sir John Buckworth, (c.1602-1687), bust-length, in a mantle and a lace collar, in a sculpted cartouche, by John Riley (1663)

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