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Terry Foreman  •  Link

Oranja, a Dutch ship taken as a prize by the English in the Battle of Lowestoft, 13 June (new style) 1665. Called the Urania by Pepys (Diary, 8 June 1665), and described by Sir William Clarke as bearing "76 guns and 400 men," but by L&M as a 5th rate ship, lost at sea, 1671.

Sjoerd  •  Link

That would have been the "Oranje", to give it its proper name. According to the German Wikipedia (which has a listing of the ships of both sides during the battle of Lowestoft), she was a "VOC" ship of 76 guns and 383 crew captained by Bastiaan Senten.
She would have been a VOC (East India Company) ship because the Staten would hardly have called one of their ships after the house of Orange.

Pedro  •  Link

The Oranje.

In his fleet list from his Journal Sandwich records her as 75 guns and 450 men.

Sjoerd  •  Link

Built in 1643 in Middelburg for the Zeeland Chamber of the VOC

The Zeeland Chamber in this period built the largest "returnships" because their waters were deeper. The "Oranje" made nine voyages to the East Indies in the service of the VOC without any problems.
In 1665 the Oranje was hired by the Zeeland Admiralty and under Bastiaan Senten took part in the Battle of Lowestoft, where it sank on the 13th of June.
After the explosion of the Eendracht there was chaos amongst the Dutch Fleet and ships were turning away. The Oranje blocked the path for any pursuers. One after the other of the large British ships came into battle with the VOC ship.
A heroic battle ensued. The 23 year old ship, built as a merchant ship was turned into a splintered hull and eventually the sinking wreck with the remnants of its crew was boarded by the english. Dutch reports mention that the ship had put up enough resistance to cover the retreat of a large part of the fleet. Other merchantships hired from the VOC did not perform well in this battle. Lowestoft was the last time VOC ships were systematically used in battle by the Staten.

From http://www.vocsite.nl/schepen/det…

Michael Robinson  •  Link

The Oranje in action at Lowestoft

Willem van de Velde, the Elder, executed c 1674
The Battle of Lowestoft, 3-13 June 1665 (PAJ2436)

"In the left foreground, there is a confused piece of drawing showing Lawson’s flag (‘Lauson’) and Berkeley (‘barckleij’) with a ship ahead, leading the English line; the ‘Oranje’ bearing up on Berkeley’s lee bow (‘tschip Oranjie moet wijcken’)."

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