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Terry Foreman  •  Link

Captain Bastiaan Centen (Sentsen or Centsen)

Dutch navy captain for the Zeeland admiralty in the 1st and 2nd Anglo-Dutch Wars. In the 1st war, after commanding the ship De Vereenigde Provinciën (The United Provinces), in the Battle of Portland, he was captain of the 30-gun Haes (Hare) in 't Veld. In the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War, he was captain of the 76-gun Oranje that challenged the Duke of York's Royal Charles at the Battle of Lowestoft, where Centen/Sentsen was killed, 3 June (Old Style), 1665.

Second Reading

Sjoerd22  •  Link

"Bastiaan Centen, a Scot by birth as is reported, served as a sea captain for the Zeeland Admiralty in Maarten Harpertz Tromp's fleet, under who's command he captured an English Commonwealth ship of 336 pieces during the Battle of Douvres, 10th of December 1652.
Later he was amongst those Captains serving under Lieutenant Admiral Jacob van Wassenaar-Obdam to hold up the honour of the Dutch flag, en did wonders of bravery. He steered into the enemy fleet, entered the ship of the Duke of Sandwich, and he had already taken posession of the upper deck and had flown the Dutch flag there, when he was forced by superior powers to evade. After this his own ship Orange, of 75 pieces, caught fire and exploded. Centen died a heroes death."

From: Mulert in Nieuw Nederlands Biografisch Woordenboek (NNBW)

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