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one of his nephews was captive of the Navy.

pg 238 captured early april.Young Capt. Evertson { [eldest son of Corneelaus , Vice Admiral of Zealand and nephew of John Admiral , a most valient person)

account pg 237.http://books.google.com/books…

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Johan Evertsen (1 Feb. 1600 — 5 August 1666)

From a family of sailors. Aged 17 he took over command "on the spot" when his father (Johan "The Captain" Evertsen Sr.) was killed in a sea battle near La Rochelle (France). Johan Jr. became a Captain in 1618, Commander in 1628, and spent most of his early navy carreer chasing the Dunquerque privateers.

He took part in the first Anglo-Dutch War, but fell in disgrace (politically) and lost his command in 1653. It would be 1659 before he commanded a ship again! Dec. 16 1664 he was promoted to Lt-Adm - the first ever of the Zeeland fleet.

===== Spoiler? =====

In the sea battle near Lowestoft (June 1665) he suffers heavy losses. This is due to the general confusion on the Dutch side - but on his return he is accused of cowardice, and almost lynched by a mob of angry widows (!!!).

Eventually his name is cleared, and he is rehabilitated. He'll spend most of the ramining year of his life doing for the Zeeland fleet more or less what Pepys is doing for the British (trying to make it better and more efficient). June 1666 he returns to active duty, but in the St James's Day Fight (4 August 1666 - according to the continental calendar) he's hit by a cannon ball and loses his leg. He dies the next day. His body is preserved, and buried in Middelburg (Holland) on 9 Sept (continental calendar again).

source: Dutch Wikipedia

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Bill has confused Johan's brother, Cornelis Evertsen the Elder, who was killed in the Four Days' fight. After his death, Johan Evertsen joined the fleet for the first time in years and took command of the van for De Ruyter. He was killed on the first day of the St. James's Day fight.

Pepys' friend, Capt. Harman is home nursing an injured leg at this time, so he didn't participate in the St. James Day fight. But he'll be back next year.

The Evertsens are another incredible family of seafarers from Flushing / Vlissingen.

A current link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joh…

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