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From LAWSON LIES STILL IN THE THAMES by Gill Blanchard, Amberley Publishing 2017, ISBN 978 1 4456 6123 pages 177-178:
“By the early 1660s, John’s [Vice-Admiral Lawson] relative Samuel Lawson was acting as his attorney. Samuel was the son of John’s cousin, also called John, a grocer living on Lyme Street in London. … [nephew] Samuel served an apprenticeship with his father. By the time he started signing documents on [Admiral] John’s behalf, he was a merchant, and at some point joined the East India Company. When the Vice-Admiral was in Tangier, Samuel met with Pepys on his behalf to arrange for bills to be paid and organize supplies.“

PLEASE NOTE: Admiral John Lawson also had a son named Samuel. (Samuel and John were very popular names in the Lawson family.) His biographer admits that he was confused as to which one did what by the end of Admiral John's life, so much so the index only has one entry for LAWSON, SAMUEL and it's up to the reader to figure out which one is referenced.

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.