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Clement Spelman, youngest son of Sir Henry Spelman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henr… , was a counsellor at law, and made puisne-baron [Associate Judge] of the exchequer, upon the restoration of Charles II. He published some pieces relating to the government, and a large preface to his father's book, " De non temerandis ecclesiis." He died in June 1679, and was interred in St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-street.

The New Universal Biographical Dictionary, and American Remembrancer of Departed Merit: &c. In Four Volumes. Embellished with a number of Portraits &c. By James Hardie, A. M. Vol. IV. New-York: Printed For Thomas Kirk, No. 48, Maiden-Lane. 1805. p. 266. http://books.google.com/books?id=…

Clement Spelman, the younger son of Sir Henry, was a masquer in Davenant's Triumphs of the Prince d'Amour, performed at the Middle Temple in 1635, and became Cursitor Baron of the Exchequer at the Restoration. He died in 1679.

CURSITOR BARON, Eng. law. An officer of the court of the exchequer, who is appointed by patent under the great seal, to be one of the barons of the exchequer. Source: Bouviers Law Dictionary 1856 Edition http://www.legallawterms.com/lega…

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