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Wheatley footnotes him as:
"William Quartermain, M.D., matriculated as member of Brasenose College, Oxford, and afterwards removed to Pembroke College. He was appointed one of the physicians in ordinary to Charles II., and died in June 1667"

Terry Foreman  •  Link

William Quartermaine

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William Quartermaine, MD, was the son of Walter Quartermaine, of Shaffington, Bucks, gent; and on the 10th October, 1634, being then sixteen years of age, was matriculated at Oxford as a member of Brasenose college. Eventually he removed to Pembroke college, as a member of which house he proceeded doctor of medicine 23rd June, 1657. He came before the Censors’ board for examination 4th December, 1657, and 8th January, 1657-8, and was approved on both occasions. He did not appear for his third examination, and was never admitted a Candidate. This was probably owing to his being engaged in his professional capacity with the fleet; for we learn from Pepys, that the doctor was his guest on board ship 24th May, 1660. Dr Quartermaine, soon after this, was appointed one of the physicians in ordinary to Charles II, and as such was admitted a Fellow of the College of Physicians 30th September, 1661. He was one of the earliest fellows of the Royal Society, and was buried at St Martin’s-in-the-Fields 11th June, 1667. http://munksroll.rcplondon.ac.uk/…

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