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See ref one.
At this time he was a commissioner of customs , a "luvely" job with great potential to see great worth passing from foreign parts into the hands of those becoming wealthy.
Died Apr 21 1684

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the gory details be here:

House of Commons Journal Volume 5 - 8 April 1647

.the Command of Major Huntington,

Resolved, &c. That Lieutenant General Cromwell's Regiment under the Command of Major Huntington, as Colonel, shall be one of the Regiments of Horse that is to be kept up in the Kingdom of England.

Maj. Huntington's Narrative:
DIE Mercurii, 2 die Augusti. 1648

Letter from Major Huntington:

A Letter from Major Rob't Huntington, directed To the Earl of Manchester, Speaker of the House of Peers, or to the Speaker pro Tempore," was read, with a Paper inclosed, intituled,

"Sundry Reasons inducing Major Robert Huntington to lay down his Commission; humbly presented to the Honourable Houses of Parliament."

(Here enter them.)

Upon this, the said Rob't Huntington was called to the Bar. And the House commanded, that the Letter and Narrative should be shewed him; and asked, "Whether the Subscriptions to the same were his Hand-writing, and whether he would avow the Matters contained in them?"

And his Answer was, "That it was his Hand, and would avow it."

Ordered, That this Business shall be taken into Consideration To-morrow Morning; and then the said Rob't Huntington shall attend this House.

more details for those interested be at

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Humbly presented to the Honourable Houses of Parliament, August 2nd, 1748.

[Extracted from Thurloe's State Papers, Vol, I, pages 94, 95, 96, 97, and 98.]
Select Tracts Relating to the Civil Wars in England in the Reign of Charles The First., Volume 1, pp. 397ff. https://books.google.com/books?id…

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