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PGE  •  Link

Per Wheatley, 1893: "Perhaps we should read Sir Thomas Bridges, who was made a K.B. at the Restoration (Kennett's 'Chronicle') -- B."

Second Reading

Chris Squire UK  •  Link

‘ . . At the Restoration, (Sir Toby) Bridge (nb: no 's') almost certainly lost the crown lands he had purchased with army debentures in the early 1650s . . In 1663–4 he commanded several troops of horse at Tangiers, and by May 1664 he had been knighted . . About June 1664 he was chosen interim governor by his fellow officers after most of the garrison and its commander had been killed fighting the Moors.

Early in 1667 he was commissioned as a colonel of foot, and in March he and his men were sent out to Barbados . . his date of death and place of burial are unknown. It is said that the island's capital, Bridgetown, was named after him.’


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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.