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Sir Arthur was one of four brothers who all for for the Royalists during the civil war. He purchased St Michael's Mount - an island in Devon connected to the town of Marazion by a causeway that was only passable at low tide - from his older brother Sir Francis.
Sir Arthur played an important role in the civil war in the west country and held St Michael's Mount until 1646, when he was defeated by the parliamentarians, he then escorted The Prince of Wales in his flight to Scilly, in 1647 he was imprisoned and forced to sell the Mount to Col John St Aubyn.

Sir Francis Barrett was the sheriff of Cornwall and vice-admiral of the northern shore at the outbreak of war, he was knighted by Charles 1st in 1644 after a succesful campaign at Boconnoc.

Sir Thomas Barrett was the Major-General at the battle of Stamford Bridge and commanded one third of the Royalist army in Bristol.

James Barrett was killed in battle at Polsloe Bridge in 1643.

Dave  •  Link


Of course it is Bassett, my apologies to everyone, my excuse? I am a working class Brummie with a poor education and low intellect who can't tell his R's from his S's. I think everything else I posted is correct but based on that simple mistake I wouldn't bet on it.

Paul Chapin  •  Link

Sorry, Dave, no criticism intended, I thought the text might be wrong, as it sometimes is, and the correct name might actually be Barrett, which was why I asked.

ken webber  •  Link

I know the direct line from Sir Francis Bassett died out after the following generation but is there any record of Bassetts decending from one of the brothers in Devon?
Ken Webber.

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