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Another Pinckney[Pinkney] Leonard Clearke[cleark] of the Kitchen[kitchin] [to the King ] was mentiond by J. Evelyn.6 Aug 62. Reading the entries shows that SP Pinkney was also involved with the king "...10 may 1660
Mr. Pinkney[Pinkny] and his son, going to the King with a petition finely writ by Mr. Whore, for to be the King

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1661, March? 94. Petition of George Pinckney to the King, for the office of His Majesty's Embroiderer, promised at the Hague when he presented him with a copy of a book dedicated to him by Dr. Thos. Warmestry, the cover of which the petitioner had embroidered with His Majesty's coat of arms.

1661, March Grant to George Pinckney and Wm. Ruttish of the office of King's Embroider; fee, 1s. 6d. a day. [Docquet Book, p. 99.]

--Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, Charles II, 1660-1661

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