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Tothill Street ("Tuttle Street" in Pepys's rendering) runs along the top of this segment of the Rocque map: http://www.motco.com/Map/81002/Se…
To the north is the southeast section of The Mall.

Second Reading

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Tothill, Tuthill, or Tuttle Street, from the Broad Sanctuary to the Broadway, Westminster.

Tothill Street, a large street in Westminster, between Petty France (west) and the Old Gate House (east).—Hatton, 8vo, 1708, p. 84.

Such is Hatton's description; but the Gatehouse has long been level with the ground, and Petty France has since been transformed into York Street. Our notions have also changed about its size—no one would call it "a large street" now. In the 16th and 17th centuries there were mansions on both sides of Tothill Street, those on the south having gardens reaching to the Park. Stourton House, at the southwest end of the street, was the residence of the Lords Dacre of the South; opposite to it lived Lord Grey de Wilton; and at Caron House died, 1612, Sir George Carew. At Lincoln House Sir Henry Herbert had his office as Master of the Revels in 1664-1665. On May 28, 1623, Endymion Porter wrote to his wife Olive that "Lady Carey in Tuttle Street" is to pay her "£112 for money lent by him to her son in Spain." Before the middle of the 17th century smaller houses were beginning to be built here.
---London, Past and Present. H.B. Wheatley, 1891.

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