By Jeannine Kerwin

All information presented is quoted directly from “Eight Generations of the Pepys Family 1500-1800” by Edwin Chappell. It appears that only legitimate children were recorded by Chappell. Please note that it was common for families to re-use a name (ie. if a child died, perhaps a subsequent child would carry the same name). Any clarification notes, which I have provided, are designated in the text within brackets [ ]. Although the book traces back to 1500, this is only a small subset of the extensive information provided by Chappell noting only Sam’s parents, siblings, nieces and nephews (Paulina’s children) and his great nieces and nephews via the marriage of his nephew John Jackson (Paulina’s son). In some cases there is a place for a child, but there is no additional information. Most likely those children died at birth or soon thereafter. Spouses are indented and are noted as such.

Over a 14 year period, Margaret, Sam’s mother will give birth to 11 children. She will bury 8 of them in her lifetime. Sam’s father, who will live to be 79 will outlive all of his children except Paulina (“Pall”) and Sam. Sam will outlive all of his siblings, living to be 70 years old.

Sam’s Parents:

  • John. A tailor of London, afterwards of Brampton and Ellington, Hunts. Father of the Diarist. Baptised 14 Jan. 1600/1 at Impington. Married at Newington, Surrey, 15 Oct, 1626. Mentioned in and joint executor of the will of his brother Robert 23 Aug. 1661. Will updated and not proved. Administration to his son Samuel 19 Oct. 1680. Buried at Brampton 4 Oct. 1680.

  • Margaret Kight. Mentioned in the will of her brother William Knight, a butcher of Whitechapel, 29 July 1652. Died 25, buried March 1667 at St. Mary’s, Brampton.

John and Margaret’s Children & their Spouses (Sam & his siblings):

  • Mary. Born 24 July, baptised 1 Aug. 1627 at St. Bride’s. Buried there 14 Dec. 1640.

  • Paulina. Born 18 Sept., baptised 5 Oct. 1628 at St. Bride’s. Buried there 10 May 1632.

  • Esther. Born 27 March, baptised 9 April 1630 at St Bride’s. Buried there 23 Nov. 1631.

  • John. Born 10, baptised 19 Jan. 1631/2 at St. Bride’s. Buried there 19 May 1640.

  • Samuel. The Diarist. Born 23 Feb., baptised 3 March 1632/3 at St. Bride’s. Educated at Huntington and St. Paul’s School, London. Magdalene College, Cambridge, 5 March 1650/1. B.A. March 1653/4, M.A. 26 June 1660. Married at St. Margaret’s, Westminster, 1 Dec. 1655. Mentioned in and joint executor of the will of his uncle Robert Pepys of Brampton 23 Aug. 1661. M.P. for Castle Rising 1673. M.P. for Harwich 1679. Clerk of the Acts of the Navy 1660. Secretary to the Admiralty Commission 1673. Master of the Clothworker’s Company 1677. Secretary of the Admiralty 1684. President of the Royal Society 1684. Mentioned in the will of his cousin Charles Pepys 6 Feb. 1700. Will 2 Aug. 1701, codicils 12 May 1703 and 13 May 1703, proved 25 June 1703. Died at Clapham 26 May, and buried in St. Olave’s, Hart Street, 4 June 1703.

    • Elizabeth: [Wife of Sam] Elizabeth, daughter of Alexandre Marchant, Sieur de St. Michel. Born 23 Oct. 1640 at Bideford or thereabouts. Died 10, and buried 13 Nov. 1669 at St. Olave’s, Hart Street, where there is a monument with a bust and an inscription.
  • Thomas, a tailor. Born 18, baptised 25 June 1634 at St. Bride’s. Died unmarried, 15 and buried 18 March 1663/4 at St. Bride’s. Died unmarried 15, and buried 18 March 1663/4 at St. Bride’s.

  • Sarah. Born 25 Aug., baptised 3 Sept. 1635 at St. Bride’s. Buried there 9 June 1641.

  • Jacob. Born 1, baptised 8 May 1637 at St. Bride’s. Buried there 15 Dec. 1637.

  • Robert. Born 18, baptised 27 Nov. 1638 at St. Bride’s. Dead before the beginning of Pepys’ Diary 1 Jan. 1659/60.

  • Paulina. Born 18 Oct., baptised 5 Nov. 1640 at St. Bride’s. Married 27 Feb. 1667/8. Died 17 Nov. 1689 and buried at Brampton church, where there is an inscription. [“Pall” of the Diary]

    • John Jackson of Ellington Hunts. [Paulina’s Husband] Son of John Jackson of Buckden Hunt’s. Nephew of Lewis Phillips, an attorney of Brampton, mentioned in Pepys’ Diary. Mentioned in the will of his father 15 Jan. 1652/3. Died c. Sept. 1680. Administration 4 Oct. 1680.
  • John. Born 26 Nov. 1641. Christ’s College, Cambridge, 25. Feb. 1659/60. B.A. 1662/3, M.A. 1666. Clerk to Trinity House 1670. Joint Clerk of the Acts of the Navy 1673. Died unmarried and buried in St. Olave’s Hart Street, 15 March 1676/7.

Sam’s Nieces and Nephews (from the marriage of his sister Paulina and John Jackson)

  • Samuel Jackson. Baptised at Ellington, Hunts., 1669. Married between 2 Aug. 1701 and 12 May 1703, the latter being the date of the codicil to the will of his uncle Samuel Pepys by which he was disinherited for marrying contrary to his uncle’s wish.

    • Name Unknown: [wife of Samuel- the wife whom Sam saw as an unfit match]
  • John Jackson. Buried at Ellington 22 Sept. 1673.

  • John Jackson. Baptised at Ellington 17 Dec. 1673. Heir to his uncle Samuel Pepys. Unmarried in 1703 [time of Sam’s death]. Dead in 1724.

    • Anne [wife of John, married after Sam’s death] daughter of Archdeacon Samuel Edgeley, sister of Hewer Edgeley, nephew and godson of William Hewer. [She was Will Hewer’s niece]

Children from the Marriage of John Jackson and Anne (Paulina’s Grandchildren)

  • Baby Boy Jackson [no information]

  • Baby Boy Jackson [no information]

  • Baby Girl Jackson [no information]

  • Baby Girl Jackson [no information]

  • Anne Jackson.

    • Brabazon Hallows [Anne’s husband]
  • Paulina Jackson. Mentioned in the will of Mary Skinner [Sam’s mistress, after the death of Elizabeth] as unmarried 26 Aug. 1714.

    • Admiral R. Collins [Paulina’s husband]
  • Frances Jackson. Born 30 Jan. 1722. Married 1747. Died 1769. From her are descended the Pepys Cockerells.

    • John Cockerell [husband to Frances] of Bishops Hull, Somersetshire, son of John Cockerell. M.D. of Caermarthen. Born 1714. Died in Antigua 1767.

(Note: One of the children of John and Anne Jackson was baptised 9 Jan. 1719.)

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