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Sjoerd Spoelstra  •  Link

Captain Ferrer or Ferrers started out as Montague's "Cornet", and then as his "master of horse".

A Cornet is a low ranking cavalry officer that carried the troop flag (or cornet).

The family name means "horse-shoer and iron worker".
He seems from the diary to be a very dashing fellow, almost literally in the entry of May 19 1661 where he jumps from a balcony on a bet.

To have a "master of horse" at all seems to be somewhat of a luxury item, together with "a French cook" and "and his lady and child to wear black patches".

So maybe the dashing, the drinking, gambling and womanising were all part of the job profile.

Pauline  •  Link

from L&M Companion
A dashing and volatile soldier--cornet in Sandwich's regiment from c. 1656; lieutenant by 1660, and captain from Aug. 1660. By 1663 he appears to have a commission in Sir C. Berkeley's regiment. He was a member of Sandwich's household, accompanied him to sea in 1661-2 and was his Master of Horse in the Spanish embassy. His accounts and letters (normally signed without a final 's'--are in the Sandwich papers. In Dec. 1668 he was given the place as yeoman tailor in the Great Wardrobe which Pepys had once hoped to obtain for his father. He had died by July 1673. His wife Jane, sister of a Scottish earl, was thought by her family to have married beneath her.

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