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Thomas Hill, a man whose taste for music caused him to be a very acceptable companion to Pepys. In January, 1664-65, he became assistant to the secretary of the Prize Office.

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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Per L&M Companion:

(?1630 - 75) Merchant and close friend. His father was Alderman Richard Hill, of Lime Street, (d. 1660), who was Treasurer of Sequestrations 1642-9 and a Prize Commissioner 1652-9. The eldest of Thomas's five brothers was Abraham, who, inheriting a fortune from his father, became one of the original fellows of the Royal Society and its Treasurer 1663-5 and 1679-1700. Thomas himself had a minor post in the Prize Commission during the First Dutch War but went into business and was in Italy in 1657, after which he spent most of his working life in Lisbon as an agent of the Houblons. He occasionally supplied victuals etc. to Tangier. He died at Lisbon in 1675 and James Houblon Jr. - with Pepys his closest friend - was one of his executors. It was Hill who introduced Morelli the musician into Pepys's household in 1673.

Soulton Hall, Shropshire, acquired by Thomas Hill by descent and still owned by his descendants:

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

Thomas Hill, a merchant, had been in Italy ca. 1659.

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