4 Jun 2012, 9:05 p.m. - Terry Foreman

George Weld (c. 1635-1701). Son of Sir John Weld of Arnolds, nr Barnet; M.P. for Much Wenlock, 1661-Jan. 79 and in five succeeding parliaments. Called by Pepys a 'coxcombe'. He took a leading part in Penn's impeachment. From 1662-7 he was deputy to the Governor of the Tower, Sir John Robinson, whose wife was his cousin. Weld's sister Dorothy married Ned Pickering. L&M Companion

25 Apr 2016, 2:55 p.m. - Bill

George Wild, Esquire, [M.P. Wenloch] a commissioner of the Excise in Ireland, 2000l. in money; a declared enemy to his country. ---A Seasonable Argument ... for a New Parliament. Andrew Marvell, [1677] 1776.


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