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Hole Haven, Holl Haven or Holy Haven was a creek on the south-east coast of Essex, UK, according to Latham & Matthews. Ships from the places infected by plague on the continent were directed here to stay in quarantine for thirty or forty days.

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Kevin Sheerstone  •  Link

If Terry F is right, Hole Haven (and variants) is in Kent, not Essex.

cumgranosalis  •  Link

haven:OED:[OE. hæfen, str. fem. and hæfne wk. fem. = MDu., Du. haven, MLG. havene, LG. haven, MHG. hafen, haven, habene (mod.G. hafen), ON. höfn; usually considered to be a deriv. from the root either of HAVE v. or of HEAVE v. (Goth. hafjan = L. capere), though possibly of ON. haf, Da. hav, OE. hæf sea.]
1. A recess or inlet of the sea, or the mouth of a river, affording good anchorage and a safe station for ships; a harbour, port. 1031
2. fig. A place of shelter, safety, or retreat; a refuge; an asylum. a1225 Juliana
1599 E. WRIGHT (title) The Haven-finding Art, or the way to find any haven or place at sea, by the latitude and variation.
1600 HOLLAND Livy 953 (R.) To sinke them in the verie hauen-mouth, for to choke it up
havenage : Harbour-dues.
Havenor : The overseer of a haven, a harbour-master. Hence havenership, the office of havener.

reach: 4 b. Naut. A run on one tack; a board. Also, a course that is approximately at right angles to the wind.
13. spec. a. That portion of a river, channel, or lake which lies between two bends; as much as can be seen in one view. Also the portion of a canal between two locks, having a uniform level.
b. A bay. Obs
c. A headland or promontory. Obs. exc. U.S. (local).

cumgranosalis  •  Link

Admiralty map indicates 13b the Inlet:
a subset of 13:

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

Holehaven or Holy Haven, a creek on the south coast of Essex. Lobsters from Norway and Scotland are deposited here for conveyance up the Thames.
---Wheatley, 1893.

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