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Per L&M Companion:

(1637-97) Upholsterer, of Cornhill; 'cousin' of Pepys by virtue of marrying in 1663 Mary, daughter of Thomas Bromfield, who was related to the Joyces. According to the marriage license he was a bachelor of 27 and she a spinster of 20 (They were probably related: a Philip Bromfield, painter-stainer, had married Elizabeth Hartman in 1626) She died in childbirth in July 1665. Pepys thought well of him, though he found his house 'mean,' and would gladly have had him marry Pall after his wife's death. In 1668 he was a suitor to Anthony Joyce's widow, but was rejected as too 'poor.' However poor he may have been he rebuilt his house after the Fire. He leased it from Hester Fenner, who appointed him her executor in 1674.

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