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Jenny Doughty  •  Link

Reposted from annotations to 19th April 1660.

Francis Mansell was a Royalist merchant from Chichester who arranged for a boat to take Charles to France from Shoreham following his defeat at Worcester in 1651. He is due to receive a pension and armorial bearings when the King comes home:


There may just be another connection between Montague and Mansell, or this may just be a coincidence of names. See this history of a house called Rivenhall, and note the Mountague names near Sir Francis

Second Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Mansell had recently appealed to the King about his pension (£200 p.a. granted in 1661 but 'stayed four years ago') and on 22 February a warrant was issued for its continuation. His plea for a prize ship at Plymouth woth £180 presumably fell to the ground in consequence.


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