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Saturday 5 September 1663

"... to Captain Minors upon Tower Hill, and there, abating only some impertinence of his, I did inform myself well in things relating to the East Indys; both of the country and the disappointment the King met with the last voyage, by the knavery of the Portugall Viceroy, and the inconsiderablenesse of the place of Bombaim, if we had had it. But, above all things, it seems strange to me that matters should not be understood before they went out; and also that such a thing as this, which was expected to be one of the best parts of the Queen’s portion, should not be better understood; ..."

Bombain to Bombay

"In 1534, the Portuguese appropriated the islands from Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, naming them Bom Baia, Portuguese for "good bay". They were ceded to Charles II of England in 1661, as dowry for Catherine de Braganza.
"The cost of maintaining the islands was prohibitive so they were, in turn, leased to the British East India Company in 1668 for a sum of £10 per annum. The actual transfer was by letters patent which, presumably for bureaucratic convenience, described Bombay as being 'in the manor of East Greenwich in the County of Kent'.
"The company found the deep harbour on the east coast of the islands to be ideal for setting up their first port in the sub-continent. The population quickly rose from 10,000 in 1661, to 60,000 in 1675; ..."

All this info is at https://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/…

Capt. Richard Minors had been on the first Navy expedition to Bombay:
"The first major long-distance deployment by the Royal Navy was made only in 1662-3, when the Earl of Marlborough took five ships into the Indian Ocean to take possession of Bombay/Mumbai. For the record, his squadron consisted of the Dunkirk (flag, Marlborough / Capt. Arnold Browne), Leopard (Capt. Richard Minors), Mary Rose (Joseph Cubitt), Convertine (John Povey), and the ketch Chestnut (John Stephens)." --

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

L&M Companion: Capt. Richard Minors held three commissions 1661-1672, and commanded The Leopard in the expedition of 1661-2 sent over to take over Bombay.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

L&M: The contract between Charles II and the HEIC was about disputed shipping fees owed by the Company to the government for goods to be sent in the King's ships in April 1662-June 1663 to Bombay.

The Navy Board had claimed the HEIC had broken the contract by returning the ships empty, costing the government an expected £10,000; the Company alleged the officers had illegally engaged in private trade.

Capt. Richard Minors had brought the fleet back as an employee of the Company and commanding officer.

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