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23 January 1661/62 - Pauline on Mon 24 Jan 2005, 6:25 pm | Link

"choosing our gloves"
Sounded like a custom such as the providing of mourning clothes or mourning rings. Found the following with a quick google:

"The lovely custom of distributing Wedding Favors has been around since ancient times. In the late 17th century, guests were given favors such as scarves, garters and gloves." http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1…

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5 July 1663 - in Aqua epistula on Thu 6 Jul 2006, 8:05 pm | Link
“… Mrs. Martha being married already this morning to Mr. Castle, at this parish church. I could not rise soon enough to go with them, but got myself ready,…” or was it earlier,
“… now Mr. Castle and Mrs. Martha Batten do own themselves to be married, and have been this fortnight. Much good may it do him, for …”
6 week delay???????
Churched or not churched or would that be by a Cromwellian edict that be no longer valid, to get the Vicars ok to make Society happy.
So living in Sin, be not a modern gesture of the 20th Century. Twas done but the Common laws, be not good enough for ensuring that any offspring be able to get the heritage, note that Charlie two would like to invoke the Common law for his eldest to enjoy the benefits of being churched, rather than unchurche as be a swinging Batchelor..
When thee invoke one set of laws, the ones that thee don’t agree with, will hit thee beneath the belt or backside.
Did they Castle and Mistress Martha, get hitched officially to get some loot for the house, and did the maids of the Bride get any benefits to share with the grooms men.

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